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Justin Taylor
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The Dream Job!

What did you want to be when you grew up?  An age old question,  that many of us end up never accomplishing.  Sometimes, because they were just not realistic, such as, a super hero, or a dinosaur.  And for those of you who did end up doing what they wanted to do since childhood...good for you now get out of here!

Joking asides, what was that you wanted to be? For me I still have not accomplished my ultimate goal.  I know, it's pretty dang cool to be on radio and that's what I went to school for, but that's not what I dreamed of doing.  I have always dreamed of being a pro wrestler.  I can't remember the first time I got into wrestling, and believe me, I try very hard to pin point the exact time it hit me, but the closest I can get is my sixth birthday.

What I do know, is that Hulk Hogan capture my attention and held on to it my entire life, and still does today!

Growing up I dreamed of walking down the ramp, giving high fives, stepping into the ring, hitting the ropes, getting the 1 2 3, and holding that championship belt.  Everything I did somehow revolved around wrestling.

Heck that's who I got into amateur!  In kindergarten,  my best friend J.T. wrestled for a youth group. When I found out he wrestled, I immediately wanted to join.  Much to my shock when I walked into the gym for the first time, and thee was no wrestling ring, no ramp, no crowd, and rules completely different than what I knew of TV, I wanted to quit right away! However; in the Crockett household you could not quit, and I ended up wrestling all the way to college!

Yes a wrestler is my dream profession.  I still everyday wonder if I should still give it a try.  In fact there are two wrestling training schools in the area.  One is ran by former pro wrestler, The Executioner, but that is $500 for six months, which is somewhat pricey, and the other one I just found out about, just started to pop up on TV during WWE Raw on Monday nights.  Their commercial claims, "As little as $30 a month!"  This bring some red flags up in my mind.  First, why as little?  Is there more than one option?  It is a wrestling school, shouldn't   all the training be the same?  Second is their commercial. looks entirely low budget.  Not only does it look low budget, but their gym looks very shady.  Well maybe not shady, but very tiny and everyone there looks about my age.  Where is the trainer?  Usually the trainer is a ex pro wrestler, not a bunch of young guys who want to get together and do some wrestling moves on each other!

Tara (my girlfriend), tells me I should go for it.  Fork up the $500, and do it.  Live my dream, and give it a try.  I'm not sure if the $500 is worth it though.  Money is always tight, and if this turns out to be a bust, then I'm out $500!  However, if it goes well, I could have a few matches under my belt, and have fulfilled my dream!

How about it?  What was your dream job growing up?  Was it outrageous, or was it/still obtainable?  Or were you one of the lucky ones who were able to grab their dream jobs by the horn?  And for that matter, if you did get your dream job was it worth it or is it overrated?


03/02/2011 9:42AM
The Dream Job!
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