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The Crockett Curse!

So as if today was not stressful enough....

That is what we call a tease ladies and gentlemen.  So today was a very nerve racking day for a it of reasons, in fact I will list them:

1. Eric and Selena are both gone!  That can mean only one thing, I'm running the show solo!

2. Eric and Selena are in Nashville for the CMA' about pressure, because not only is this a huge event, but it is a huge event for our station, so expectations are high.

3.  I have yet to run the show alone.  Either Selena or Eric are always accompanying me, but today there is no one.  That mean, I have to make sure that I dial them up via our comrex connection, make sure I can hear them and they can hear me.  Making sure Rusty and Joe are on time.  Hitting breaks on time.  Plus a plethora of other situations that take place during the show.

So the first hour, is pure panic.  Everything I have been trained on goes right out the window.  Logic and common sense are removed from the memory.  Eric, who is able to talk to me via a comerex unit, calms me down, reassures me everything is fine, and we get through the first two hours.

Now the show is half way over, and I feel great.  All my knowledge is back, the show is running smoothly, on time, worry free......... then, the curse.

If you happened to catch the last ten minutes of the show, you probably noticed something went wrong.  That my friends, was the curse.  The system froze completely, the screen lock up, and nothing plays.  And now the panic comes back.  By the time the system comes back online, crazy event start to happen.  The system starts firing songs at random, causing a mosh posh of sounds.  I try to get a stranglehold (awesome Ted Nugent song) on the situation, and by the time I have, its too late.  Everyone has heard.

So why is it the Crockett Curse?  Because every time, I have been in charge of running the show, the system has froze!  Every. Single. Time.  Not only does it freeze, it freezes at the exact point I have built my confidence to a amazing 90%.

The good news, the curse has never struck twice in one week!  So it is now out of the way for the next two days.  Yes, you read correctly I'm still in charge, no Eric, no Selena, only me...Crockett, until Friday.  Enjoy!


11/09/2010 6:33AM
The Crockett Curse!
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