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Thank you...but please wait for the real thing!

Jake is like the little boy that cried wolf.  Despite what he says, I am NOT pregnant...yet. 

Since Jake's remarks Friday on The Doc Show, people have been congratulating me with genuine excitment.  A few friends said they were off to buy baby gifts to celebrate the wonderful news.  Poor Ethan; my own husband first heard "the news" as people were high-fiving him at work!  Dontcha think my husband would be privy to the big news before his coworkers!  No one questioned Ethan's surprise reaction, and who could blame them -- everyone wants good news.

I felt so bad having to pop that bubble of excitment.  It was really nice to see people all excited about a baby.  I hope Jake's joke doesn't ruin it for the real thing!

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09/29/2009 10:03AM
Thank you...but please wait for the real thing!
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10/08/2009 4:16AM
Jake ruins a lot of things, including the Doc Show. The Doc Show would be much better without him. He is the most arrogant, obnoxious, annoying individual I have ever known. True, I have never met him so I really don't know him, but trust me, I don't care too. If you say black he will say white, if you say hot he will say cold. A lot of the time he comes across as being mean and rude. Do yourselves a favor and get rid of him. Even McFly was better than him. I have a feeling I am not alone with this opinion of Jake. What a JERK!!!
10/19/2009 7:57AM
Pat sounds boring
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