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Cathy Donnelly
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Tax Time!

Still have yet to get my taxes done... Probably should get on that, I mean, I'm pretty sure I can get in big trouble if I don't. I find it funny, how almost all American's HATE to do their taxes, even though there is a good chance they will get money back! Of course every year I do my taxes, I end up owing the government money...Guess I'm not doing it right.

I'm kinda hoping that this year goes a little bit better for me, mainly because I would like to buy myself something nice. Perhaps an Ipod, some DJ equipment, or knowing my luck, I will have just enough to buy some bubble gum. My buddy claims he will be getting close to $900 back, but I'm pretty sure he is wrong. If he isn't then I should be in the same boat, or better, because he lives at home still, and barley pays any bills.


03/17/2011 10:38AM
Tax Time!
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03/25/2011 6:10AM
It's time to get those taxes filed, Crockett! This is the last year for the Making Work Pay Credit. Take advantage of it! It may mean $400 in your pocket!
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