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Eric Petersen


Super Bowl XLIII Zzzzzzzzzz.....

    Ah the Super Bowl… the apex of football’s yearly battle. This Super Day is the ending of the NFL’s yearly run and usually is so greatly anticipated that it incites parties and drinking, gambling and debauchery, the stuff that only a true holiday can inspire… but is it possible that this year the Super Bowl is, well not too super, at all?

     I have read that the demand for tickets is at an all-time low this year. Believe it or not the ticket prices for the seats are actually selling, hold on, at actual face value! Scalpers are complaining that they stand to make a measly $5k this year when their usual haul (for one weekend) is over $40k! Scandalous!

     I am a HUGE football fan and a die-hard fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, so I appreciate the sport, the great effort that it takes to field a team with a winning record, to even get to the Big Game no less win it, and I can more than appreciate a great plate of hot wings, plus this year the game is being played in a city I am more than familiar with and could drive to easily, thus normally I love Super Sunday… but I am planning an early night this year.

     Forgive me Seattle and Denver fans but this game is a yawner, and we (meaning the bulk of us NEPA residents) really have no skin in the game. Now understand that I am a reverent fan of Peyton Manning. I believe he is the single best QB of this generation and I admire him for returning to the field after what should have been a career ending injury to his neck. I also very much admire the Seahawks Derrick Coleman for fighting the naysayers who believed he would never succeed because he was deaf; awesome! But still, my respect isn’t enough to make me supremely interested in a game that I really don’t care about the outcome!  I love the city, the food, the party and the sport… but this “Super Game”, eh?

     If I make it past halftime, and that’s a big IF, I will be only able to enjoy the fact that I am awake way past my normal bedtime and watching (for the last time this season) the greatest sport on the planet: football. Chances are however that I’ll be eating day old hot wings (cold) while enjoying a Monday DVR version of Super Bowl XLIII!

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01/31/2014 11:37AM
Super Bowl XLIII Zzzzzzzzzz.....
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01/31/2014 6:03PM
I frikkin love you!!!!! I could make u wings this year... Ill bring my deep fryer.
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