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Eric Petersen


Listen... do you hear your song yet?

     Every so often I am reminded that I am the “paternal figure” of the Froggy101 staff being the eldest member since my predecessor left four years ago (thanks Ken), and for a short period of time I was bugged by holding the title of Father Figure to an entire staff of people, two of which are twenty years my junior… but those days are over.

     For some reason the New Year has put a song in my head that keeps repeating over and over, and it seems like a decent mantra for my feelings as of late. "Song for the Life" was written Rodney Crowell and first recorded in 1978 and eventually covered by Alan Jackson (where I heard it) in 1995. The lyrics tell an almost eerily accurate description of my life these days as if I had written them myself, and I hear them constantly echoing in thoughts my as a reminder of maturity’s gift to me:

And somehow I've learned how to listen
For a sound like the sun going down
And the magic the morning is bringing
There's a song for the life I have found
It keeps my feet on the ground

     Sadly I was a tortured soul in my twenties and thirties, and admittedly in the early part of my forties, but that was because of the decisions that I’d made that I knew flew in the face of logic. I truly enjoyed “swimming upstream” and ignoring the things that would be good for me and instead opted for the shallowness of tiptoeing my way across a proverbial minefield. For reasons that I still cannot explain, I chose things for my life that were insanely and obviously wrong, and I knew it, but I eagerly went there anyway!

     Then something amazing happened. As the hits kept on coming and the disappointment numbers mounted I stopped- and began to listen… just listen; I wasn’t sure what for at the time, but I stayed there focused and determined to hear what it was I was listening for- I just listened.

What I eventually heard was astonishing… It was the voice of experience… It said that: it was ok; that an ending is inevitable; that there was an amazing magic to the possibilities that a new day would bring, and that my existence now had a depth to it like never before.  My life had changed and so had I and it was perfect because of its awful and absolute imperfection.

If I may offer you a piece of advice, it’s this: take a moment today to start listening… it won’t happen as fast as you think, but someday, not so long from now, you will hear the song for the life that you have found… and it will be perfect too.

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01/24/2014 10:09AM
Listen... do you hear your song yet?
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01/29/2014 12:42PM
Song with the words Don't Know
Looking to find who sings this song I heard at work. Had the words Don't know in it. I was sure it was Kellie Pickler, but when I listened to Don't you know how much I love you. That wasn't the song. Hope you can help!
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