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Eric Petersen


Stupid Co-Worker Phrases #1

Why is it that people like to sarcastically say the phrase: "Just another day in paradise..."? What's the deal? Call me grumpy, call me ill tempered, call me whatever… but categorize me as “fed up”!
I am one of five full time on air staffers here at Froggy101 (we used to be seven) and I thank God all the time for the privilege to do this work. This facility employs at least 50 people, the benefits are great, the place is always warm and safe, the check always cashes, and yet some of those employed here (non-airstaff) choose to complain on an hour by hour basis.
I know at least a dozen “downsized” people who would just relish the thought of working here or anywhere for that matter. In fact, I could open the mic and ask how many people would like the chance to have my job, or any job here, and no doubt get hundreds of folks "chomping at the bit" to trade places with me, instantly.
The next time you consider griping about your warm, safe, money making employment post, please look to see that I’m not within ear-shot!!!

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01/07/2010 9:29AM
Stupid Co-Worker Phrases #1
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10/28/2011 1:32PM
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