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I'm a terrible High-Fiver ... and I didn't even know

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Feel like I'm getting jerked around!

So I placed two orders for two very rare records on ebay, close to a month ago and still have not recieved them! The first record is the Quiet Riot record you have heard me complain about. Now this record is coming from Greece, so I could see it taking some time, but a MONTH? Come on! I reched out to him and he assured me it is comming, I hope so!

The next record is the first Zombies Record. They had the hits, "Shes not there" and "The time of the seasons". This one I'm very concerned about, mostly becuase its and import and looks to be in bad shape, Even worse, after I bought it, the guy sent me a message saying that, he was waiting on record boxes so that he could ship out my record, and sorry about the delay!

How about you give me free shipping then? I mean, how are you a record store, and run out of boxes? Unreal!

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The sound of home... on a distant beach.

Being on vacation is what I consider to be an integral part of the employment process. It's a time to reset and recharge if you will. But being away also helps you see what's good in your life… sometimes by accident.

I spend an 8 day span on a cruise ship sailing to the Bahamas this month, and I must admit it was much needed. The warmth of the tropics and the sheer lack of responsibility was a great change of pace, and an appropriate break from the everyday drag that life can sometimes provide.

Since I was headed into a place where cell service is almost impossible, I had made an agreement with my fiancé Erika that I would only be in contact with her in the case of an emergency due to the extraordinary expense of the charges that an international rate or a ship-to-shore line would ensure ($2.49/min.for calls and .50 for every text). Thus we would only talk once when I was in Florida at the half-way point, and not again until I was back in New York at the journeys end. This turned out to be more difficult than I had initially imagined.

Days 1 & 2 were a blur of drinking, spring sunshine, humongous buffets and getting to know our ship. Days 4 & 5 were all about Florida planning, landing and enjoying. The trip was going along as planned, then came an unexpected moment in the trip.

As the Jumkanoo Beach sun warmed us on our 2nd stop (in Nassau on day 7) I laid there and heard the soft padding of some people shuffling through the sand behind our towel positions. The gaggle of twenty something men and women set up camp within twenty feet of us and were talking and drinking rather loudly.

One of the girls was being playfully tormented by her boyfriend and began to laugh at his relentless musings about her lack of a tan. When she finally was able to obtain an appropriate revenge (most of this happening while I had my eyes closed) she laughed… and I hear the sound of home. Her laughter was shockingly similar to that of my fiancé, eerily so in fact.

From that moment forward it was impossible to ignore the sound of her happiness, and even more impossible to keep my girl out of my thoughts.

I began to wonder what my future wife was up to. Yeah, I had called her two days prior but it was short, and kinda terse, and to boot she was at the mall at the time, so she had a tough time talking, thus it turned out to be a short and sort of "pointless" conversation. I began wondering a few things as I baked in the Bahama sunshine: How as her day? Was she sad in the cold Northeast weather? Was her work busy and difficult like it can be on Mondays? Was she safe? ... and then came the biggest realization of all: I missed her, a lot.

Vacationing separately is by no means awful, but when your life has recently changed in the big way mine has, it's hard to go back to where you have already been … when your vacation ends it's bittersweet; hearing that laughter in person was, for me, the sweet part.
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Romance in our golden years...

My cell --- as the kids say -- "blew up" with multiple texts from hubby. He's all excited about finding his Men's multi-vitamin at an incredible discount. He's been looking for this particular vitamin for weeks.

Babe! 200 vitamins for $3.50!!! It's normally 17 BUCKS!!

Can't wait to see what's in-store for our Golden Years: Buy-1-Get-1 water pills will be our foreplay.
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When did my 2 year old become so brave? He insisted on going up the steps and down the slide by himself --- I was more scared than him!
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Road Construction?

Ok, I don't know who is trying to ruin my morning commute to work, but it has got to stop! I have a morning ritual, almost like groundhogs day with Bill Murray, I wake up, same time, and do pretty much the same thing Monday - Friday. Except, they have the road closed right before the station!

Problem is, they don't have a sign saying the construction is still going on. So every morning, I assume they are finished with the road work, so I drive all the way up the road, only to find that the road is STILL under construction, and then I have to turn around and take the long way to work. I have been late to work twice now, and its ruing my mojo here at work.

A simple sign is all I'm looking for, is that so much to ask?
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Bobble THIS!!

Can you even imagine - your very own bobblehead?!!

A big thanks to our friend, Jim Z, for letting us know that Eric and I were contenders in the RailRiders Bobblehead competition!! 
We don't know how our big heads were nominated, but thank you! 
If you want to own a state-of-the-art bobblehead

...where for everytime Bobble Eric nods "YES", Bobble Selena soundly nod "NO" ...

please vote for "Eric &Selena" in the link below!!  THANK YOU!!

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Girl Shaves Head to Fight Cancer... Gets Kicked Out of School!

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Stay safe this summer... with beer!

I love science... espcially when it leads to to consuming more beer! According to a new study, marinating your meat in beer before you throw it on the barbecue grill makes it safer to eat.

Health officials have been warning us for a while about the chemicals that get created – and consumed – when we torch meat on high-temperature grills.

Some scientists have gone as far as to compare these chemicals to those in cigarettes and car exhaust fumes.

Well, dunking your meat in beer for four hours before throwing it on the grill ends up reducing the amount of these chemicals in a big way and preventing them from forming while cooking.

So don’t be afraid to sacrifice one (and I stress ONLY one) of those brews for marinade … and for safety! :)
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The man who taught me to fly...

Long before there was LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, before Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson, even before there was a Van Halen or Billy Joel poster on my wall… there was Dr. J.

As a pre-teen in the early and mid-seventies I was obsessed with the Philadelphia 76ers, but most especially their all-star forward Julius Erving. My parents had to, for the first time, adjust to me not being at the post-church Sunday dinner table (usually the best meal of the entire week) because I would take my plate and sit alone in the living room, using a flimsy folding TV tray table, because I couldn’t miss a single game of the Sixers season. I had an idol worship to Dr. J. that bordered on obsession. I watched his every on-court move and every off-court interview. I bought his magazines and posters,  I clipped his articles out of newspapers, I even once fished a ripped poster out of the high school garbage can because it was just too much for me to let a Sixers picture of that scope go to a landfill… (it still hangs on the ceiling in my room to this day), and all because of Dr. J.

On this past Wednesday I got the rare chance to come face to face with the first man to inspire me during my formative years. As a stood in a South Philly liquor store (he is now a spokesperson for Crown Royal) with my new white 76ers hat amidst a sea of fans, I couldn’t help but notice how different I was than them. I watched in awe as he ducked to enter the door of the warehouse where us "VIP’s" were being allowed to meet him. I was introduced as the media member of the group, and a morning show host and a lifelong fan, and etc. etc…  but I wasn’t listening, instead I was staring (yes, like a tweener) at Dr. J.

I was remembering how he would defy gravity before an entire generation of people, me included, believed it was possible... I drifted off to the days when I would wish that I could dunk, at all, not mention with the same ease that he could… I thought of how when the Sixers swept the world championships in 1982-83 that he didn’t talk about how great he’d played (He should’ve won MVP) but instead he said: “We had a lot”.

One by one the mass of people in line before me got a pic and a friendly handshake and then walked past me.  Some looked at me wondering why I stood there with such a glazed look on my face. Some of them I’m sure were wondering why a pudgy, middle aged, white, country radio DJ, from Scranton had driven 2+ hours to meet a 6’7” greying guy in a suit who’d retired over  20 years ago… my answer to them is simple: I understand... I have the same reverence for Dr. J that you do.

To me Julius Erving is among the few men who taught me to win with the same grace and dignity that you should try to lose with. He was an innovator in his field, and did things other people couldn’t, or at least they never thought to, or maybe never attempted to; and when he excelled, he humbly spoke of his teammate’s contributions that made it possible for him to do his magic. He was never a showboat or a grandstander and is an example of a type of professional sportsman that is completely extinct.

Yeah sure he’s one of Sports Illustrated 40 most important athletes of all time, but  to me  he served as an ambassador for all of us small town underdogs who needed someone to convince us that we could be superheroes,  and he did that…

How? Because Dr. J could and did, fly.
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