Started wearing beanies...

So today I came in the studio wearing a Flyers beanie today,  and Jessie Roberts laid into me.  She told me it looked stupid, and why I was wearing it.  She also asked why I was wearing a Flyers beanie saying, "You don't even like hockey."  It is true, I'm not the biggest fan of hockey, but I still cheer for the Flyers, that and I like their colors and logos.  

Back to the beanie situation.  I love wearing beanies, they are comfortable, I don't have to gel my hair, and they keep my ears warm.  In fact, the first thing I do when I get home, is put on mesh shorts and a beanie.  I don't  get it, what's the big deal about a beanie?  

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02/04/2013 3:56PM
Started wearing beanies...
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01/23/2014 6:59AM
who started the beanie wearing back in the day
I need to know because my dad said if I know then he will get me one
01/23/2014 7:01AM
started wearing beanies
That women was crazy brained are cool
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