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Eric Petersen


Some 1st date advise from a guy who's seen it all...

     As a guy who once tended bar, part time, for the better part of a decade, I've seen a lot of people that were on first dates. You can almost always spot a couple on a first date: they sit differently, they talk differently, they smile turn and touch differently, it's actually kind of interesting how we act so differently in the face of a new suitor. Sometimes, of you pay close attention you can see a few good ideas of just what you really should do on a first date... but usually , you don't even have to try to see great examples of what not to do, ever!

    So I have compiled a short list of the things that you should do on a first date (the "no-brainer-list"): be clean, slightly over-dressed, polite, on time and above all else, listen to what the person you are out with is saying...

    Now for the Don't-Ever-Do-This-On-A-First-Date List: *Don't show up too early or too late *Don't wear a tux but don't show up dressed like a janitor (or like you're fresh from the field) *Don't stink (deodorant, cologne, Axe body spray, etc. all work) *Always take a first date to a place that's a balance between Taco Bell and the window seats at the Oak Room *Don't act like an arrogant ass but don't be a needy wuss *And if you forget everything else, remember this... No matter how nervous you think you are, don't for any reason get drunk before, or during your first encounter... if you must waste some brain cells, reserve that pleasure for after you've parted company *Lastly, if the person you've dated doesn't "like you in that way"  by no means insult them in an effort to save you ego, remember if they don't want to see you again they actually may be doing you a big favor!

     In short, use a very honest and logical sense of "balance" in the choosing, planning, and execution of a first date. Cleanliness, manners, and common sense go an awful long way toward making a really good first date impression, and yet it is a shock just how many people don't opt for those obvious choices.


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01/25/2010 9:41AM
Some 1st date advise from a guy who's seen it all...
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01/27/2010 6:37AM
Eric, I have no words. Very well put, I must say. And please, don't leave this radio station...... like your friend Doc (hehehe) Thanks for providing entertainment in the afternoon. I truly enjoy your show. Sincerely, Angela
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