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So my new smart phone is not being put to good use...some would say.

I finally got a new smart phone, The Droid 2, and I haven't been really using it the way it should be used. Most people buy a smart phone for work purposes. Emails, setting up meetings, conference calls, saving dates, and other important details. Believe me, when I bought this phone, I had all of the thing listed in mind. I was going to be in super work mode. But then it happened....

I discovered I could put a Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, and a Playstation all on my phone! So after some research, and fiddling around with the phone, BAM! I got them all to work! However, trying to play on the small keypad is no easy task. So after some searching around the internet, I discovered this!

What this little contraption does is, it turns your phone from this....

Into this!

I ordered this little beauty Wednesday night, and it is still not here, but when it arrives, you better believe that I will never use my phone for anything work related....EVER. Money well spent? I'd say so!

07/12/2011 2:24PM
So my new smart phone is not being put to good use...some would say.
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