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So much for not celebrating Valentine?s Day...

So this year for Valentine's Day, I figured T and myself would just hang out in the house and you know, maybe...skip....Valentines Day?  I pitched the idea two weeks earlier, and it seemed to go over somewhat well.  However; Sunday night while I'm laying on the couch watching my evening cartoons, T sits on the couch and asks, "So, what are we doing for Valentine’s Day?" 

 Now, I'm thinking to myself, "what?" I say to her, "I thought we were, you know, skipping it."  To which she replies, "Nope."  Ok, now this threw a wrench in my mind.  All I'm trying to do is watch cartoons, drink ice tea, and relax, and now I have T sitting with me, puppy dog eyes going full force.  I explain to her that I don't get paid until Tuesday (today) and that we won't be able to go anywhere. 

 She tells me that’s fine, and then asks, "So...what are we going to do?"  I'm lost, and have no clue, so I start pitching out ideas. Horrible, horrible ideas, and I can tell nothing is looking good.  Then inspiration strikes!  I pitched the winning idea, I suggested that we have a candle light dinner, with only one plate, but two sets of silverware, followed by a movie and popcorn.

 Once I got out of the station yesterday, I went to my parents house, dropped off a card for my mom, as well as a couple of cds and a large ham (courtesy of T's family).  Once that was finished, I flew back home because T was out of work at 4:30, and we are now pushing 2:30. 

 What's the big deal?  We are only doing a simple dinner, your saying to yourself.  But here was the thing, there were a lot of dishes in the sink, the pasta pot was being pre occupied with old spaghetti in the fridge, so that had to be emptied and cleaned as well.  So after doing all the dishes, I set the table.  Let me lay it out for you.

 In the center of the table lied one plate.  Then on each side of the plate, were two napkins, each with a fork and a knife.  Complemented with a glass of water on each side of the table.  I took the other two chairs and put them in the other room, that way there was only two chairs, one for T and one for myself. 

 So there I ‘am looking at the table, thinking to myself, "you can do better,"  so while I'm cleaning the rest of the house, I notice there are two empty picture frames, that can hold a total of six pictures.  That’s when it hits me, grab the printer, some photo paper and grab some photos of us.  Now realize we are closing in on 4 o'clock.  Time is ticking. 

 Of course we have the WORST printer in the world, and of course it screws up the pictures twice, and none of them printed in color, but I figured it would do.  So I cut the pictures out, place them in the frame, and place them on each corner of the table.  But of course more chaos, one of the picture frames had no back arm to hold it up!  In a mad dash, I grab a small picture frame, and tapped it to the back of the picture frame I was using.  Crisis adverted. 

 So, now I have the table set, one plate, two napkins, two sets of silverware, to glasses with water, two pictures frames, with pictures of me and T looking very happy together.   Then I think to myself, "You can still do better, what is missing?"

 MUSIC!  Of course, how could I forget!  I promised music for this date, but I have no romantic music on my computer...  Music channels on TV!  Click on the TV, go to those music channels I swore I would never use, start surfing these channels, and there are NO romantic songs!  Unreal... turn off the TV, and figure I can go grab some songs from the internet. 

 So I quickly grab the Righteous Brothers, Unchained Melody (that is our song) and load it on the iPod, and throw it in the speaker dock.  All the while, I'm grabbing a romantic instrumental playlist for dinner.  We are looking at 4:15 now, and I realized that I should vacuum the floor.  I run to the closet, grab the vacuum, and clean the kitchen and living room. 

 Looking around at the table, I still feel like something is missing...  The Card!  Luckily I already purchased one, however I left it in the car.  I grab my shoes, run down my flight of steps, grab the card and run back inside.  I place it on the plate, and realize that it looks dumb just laying on the plate.  What can I do?  Chocolates!  I run into the pantry, grab a box of chocolates, take out three pieces and make a slit in the middle of each of them.  From there, I place the card in the three slots of chocolate, and then place it on the plate.

 Ok, so I have the table set, and it is 4:28, and I look like a mess.  I figure I have at least a five minute windows to take a quick shower.  I grab a towel and sprit for the bathroom.  I take a quick shower (2 minutes) dry off, and get dressed.  Brush the teeth, and spray some Polo #1 on and wait for T to come home. 

 The one last idea popped in my head while I waited by the door.  I realized we had no decorations on the windows.  Remember that box of chocolates I used?  Well I grab the front of it, and tapped it to the glass window on my front door. 

 Perfect.  I kill the lights, and cue up unchained melody, and when she walked through the door, I hit the music and greet her with a big hug and a kiss!  Dinner turned out great and so did Valentines Day. 


02/15/2011 7:12AM
So much for not celebrating Valentine’s Day...
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02/15/2011 7:37AM
Crockett- I am super impressed! If more guys- boyfriends AND husbands were like this I feel there most likely would be less divorce. It's all about putting forth the effort and executing. And thought- you weren't just satisfied with the dinner, you kept pushing forward with ideas on how to make it better! I give you an A++ for your Valentine's Day, and I hope T was happy with her day as well.
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