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So it turns out, Cookie Monsters Name is Sid...I only know one Sid and it's

When you say the name Sid, I think of one man. He is no puppet, and could DESTROY cookie monster, or as he is now known as Sid. See when I was a child, and as many of you know, I was a HUGE wrestling fan. WWF was on every Saturday, as I watched in anticipation, to what next superstar would step out from behind the curtain. Not only that, but who would be foolish enough to challenge the greatest of all time, and my hero, Hulk Hogan!

Then one Saturday morning, as I sat on the floor 10 inches away from the TV, this monster comes walking out from the back. His music was intense, in your face, he is massive, and never before have I seen someone with curly hair seem so terrifying. His name was Sid Justice, and I knew he was dangerous. He came out as a good guy, but I knew better. As a true Hulkamaniac, I could see evil in certain wrestlers eyes, and I knew Sid was bad news.

Sure enough, he turned to the dark side. He took a MAJOR heel turn, and went after the one person who I love more in the world...Hulk Hogan. Every week, I was subjected to watching Sid destroying wrestlers, via the power bomb, followed by his victims being taken out on a stretcher.

I became worried, and filled myself with doubt. Could Hogan beat this guy? I had seen Hogan take on all types of challengers, some of the best, but I never saw anyone like this! He was taller than Hogan, just as ripped as Hogan, and more terrifying than any opponent I had seen (next to the Undertaker of course. He use to make me cry.) I secretly thought to myself, "Maybe he won't have to wrestle Sid. Yea, maybe Sid will get scared and back away." But one day it happened. The PPV poster that rattled my world:

They would meet at Wrestlemania 8... I was nervous, scared, but I never stopped believing, and sure enough, Hulk Hogan came out on top, winning the match, and renaming the greatest of all time in my mind. But now, back on to my original topic. So now Cookie Monster is going by the name Sid? Sorry Cookie Monster, but you are hardly a monster compared to the Ruler of the World, Sid Justice. I mean you have seen Sid, now look at this...

Yea...that's what I thought. Sid "The Ruler of the World" Justice is definitely more intimidating than Sid "The Cookie" Monster. If these two met in an alley way, Sid Justice would power bomb Cookie Monster to his death! Oh, and here is my source, in case your wondering how I found out what Cookie Monster's real name is.


05/17/2011 2:34PM
So it turns out, Cookie Monsters Name is Sid...I only know one Sid and it's not Cookie Monster!
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05/20/2011 3:41PM
Hey Crockett, I know you're a big wrestling fan, and after I saw that picture with Randy Savage, it made me remember that this morning around 9:30am, Randy Savage was killed because of a head on collision with a tree in Florida. You can check out the info on
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