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So is it really going to storm?

Seriously I hate when the news report that we will be getting thunderstorms, and then,  instead we get some drizzle that last for days.  See I love thunderstorms.  Just something bout them, the crack of the lighting, the flash that lights up the sky.  When the sky goes black, when it is still mid day.  The smell of the air before the rain hits, and the way the winds blows extra hard before the rain.

Right now, I'm hoping for a massive thunderstorm, to nap to.  I LOVE taking a nap during a thunderstorm, it just seems to knock me right out.  However; it seems like its been forever since we have had a huge thunderstorm.  Is it just me, or has these past thunderstorms seem weak?

I mean, if the news is going to say we are going to have a thunderstorm, than we should have a thunderstorm!  Not, a drizzle with a little rumble here and there, I want sideways winds, lighting crashing down into the Earth, rain hitting the roof so hard it sounds like gun fire!   Anyone else?


02/28/2011 8:10AM
So is it really going to storm?
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02/28/2011 11:48AM
I love storms as well. It is just something about them. But you r not the only one who love storms.
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