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Sneaky ways to avoid an argument

I'm not proud of this.  I have fake grocery bags.

My husband is boycotting a particular big-box store after watching an expose movie on the company.  As his wife, I would like to support his cause.  To an extent, I agree with him, and try to shop at locally-owned stores when I can.  But, I'm not rich, nor a "Real Housewife" of NEPA.  I don't have the money nor the time to drive all over creation for household shopping. 

Then again, I also don't have the patience to argue over where I buy detergent.

Occasionally, I break down and shop at this forbidden consumer mecca. Maybe it's the fact that I know I'm doing something dishonest that makes me go wild in this store.  I hit every aisle:  groceries, cards, sports gear, automotive ... and pull things off the shelf like I'm entered in a shopping spree!   The grand prize is secretly knowing Ethan is going to happily lick his fingers after a satisfying meal that I got at a great price.

Still, no matter how much I try to convince Ethan the necessity of my "mega shopping,"  I'm always crushed by his look of disappointment.   Instead of giving up, I got creative.

...cue the prop bags.  (My single friends call it:  Pathetic Marital Creativity.)

If I want to buy a sports bra and a gallon of milk from the same store because it will save me time AND money, so be it. I have found a way to make us both happy.   I transfer my mega mecca goodness into different grocery bags.  Is it cheating?  Maybe.  Is it avoiding an unnecessary argument?  Absolutely.

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01/18/2011 1:04PM
Sneaky ways to avoid an argument
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01/18/2011 1:20PM
Absolutely NOT cheating! Remind Ethan that "exposes" are typically one sided. Plus, if you are saving money, then you are doing something good. I also try to go to locally owned stores as much as possible. But, sometimes the prices are way above what I can get at the "boxy store". Oh, and another trick: get the reusable shopping bags! Not only are you helping mama earth, but ... Well, do you get what I'm saying? Ha!
01/18/2011 1:56PM
It's not cheating! You didn't make the choice to boycot the store. If you're the one doing the shopping, shop wherever it's convient for you. When Ethan does the shopping let him go wherever. Just because you're married doesn't mean you always have to agree. Nor should you argue over it. It all boils down to opinions!! It's sad that you have to sneak groceries into your house in camouflage. I do have a solution for your shopping at 1:30 while Ethan is still at work!!!!
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