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Sinking the Ship...

If you have been listening to the show as of Wednesday and today, then you probably have heard something doesn't sound quite right.  Such as it no one talking when they should be, a song coming on late, Eric's voice just shutting off, as well as a whole sort of problems.  Well I can safely say, All those problems are because of me...Crockett.

You see, usually Eric runs the board, the touch screens, and the phone calls, but since he is going on a cruise next week, I will be running all that fun stuff.  So this week has been my horrific week of training.  Going into this I figured, "no problem, I got this, I have been watching Eric do this for weeks now."  Boy was I wrong.

Turns out, it's about 1000 times more difficult than he makes it look.  Just for a 30 second break there is a ton that goes into it.  And while I'm screwing everything up, all I can see is a disgruntled Eric, rubbing his temples, and gritting his teeth.

Worst part about this whole mess is, Eric has been here to save me when I start to crash and burn, next week.... He's not here.  So if you tune into the show next week, and it sounds a bit off, thats my fault....sorry.


09/30/2010 6:42AM
Sinking the Ship...
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09/30/2010 8:46AM
You had better say your prayers & hope that Selena can bail you out!
10/01/2010 1:25AM
You know the old saying either your going to sink or swim. I'm sure Selena will catch you when you fall or maybe Eric can leave you one of his Hawaiian shirts for good luck.
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