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Eric Petersen


Should Left Turns Be Illegal?

Keep this story in mind if you want to make a NASCAR fan's head explode. According to researchers at North Carolina State University, maybe all LEFT TURNS should be illegal.

--Basically, when you make a left turn, you're taking a HUGE risk. The only thing that separates you from having someone t-bone you is the faith that they're following the speed limit or that they don't run a red light.

--The team at NCSU says that something called "superstreets" are much safer. (--You might also know them as "Michigan lefts.")

--Basically, when you approach an intersection, your ONLY choice is to make a right turn. Then, if you wanted to go left or straight, you do a quick U-turn in a specially-designed turning lane.

--The statistics don't lie . . . in tests, the superstreets reduced people's travel time by 20% and caused 46% fewer accidents. Most importantly, they caused 63% fewer accidents that resulted in injuries or deaths.

--Of course, all of our roads aren't going to get ripped up and turned into superstreets anytime soon. For now, it's all just theory.

Do they have a point? Could you get yourself home today if you weren't allowed to make a left turn? (I could!)


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01/18/2011 11:41AM
Should Left Turns Be Illegal?
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