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Eric Petersen


Self Serve Has made Us Very Rude...

These days I almost always pump my own gas, in fact it's pretty tough to find a place that still will pump your gas for you. Yeah sure full serve places still exist, but unless you live somewhere in direct proximity to that station, you are probably not going to go out of your way to get "the full service treatment". Besides, with gas at four bucks a gallon, you’re no doubt going to the most accessible gas station possible! So, when the whole "pumping your own gas" trend caught on I never thought that it would teach us to be rude, or maybe just ruder in the process...
Here’s what I mean:  I frequent a local station that is located near my home in Dalton. It is usually busy (very busy). They have a Subway, a small deli, chips, drinks, sunglasses, first aid products, condoms, lottery, tobacco, etc. and of course gas. Now with a myriad of products to choose from inside the store, I suppose it's pretty easy to get lost in there, or at least lose track of time, so may I make a stern suggestion... MOVE YOUR CAR OUT FROM IN FRONT OF THE GAS PUMP WHEN YOU’RE DONE USING IT!!!!
It seems so obvious to me, and perhaps you, but apparently not to everyone that uses these places. You see, when I was a kid we had our gas pumped for us: the attendant came to the window and  you knew that your car was full, you paid him, and then you drove off (pretty cut and dried). Now, when you pump your own gas, you're sucked in by the lure of neon lights claiming "The Best Breadsticks In Town", or a Pugs cowboy hat for twenty bucks, or BOGO Pepsi twenty oz.... and you may leave your car in front of a line of gas (and patience) deprived drivers.
Not good; in my case not cool, and in some cases not safe.
Do other drivers (like me) a favor and remember, we are waiting right behind you!
Thank you.

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10/10/2012 11:46AM
Self Serve Has made Us Very Rude...
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