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If Chris Young spazzes at FroggyFest 2014, I might know why...

We talked to Chris Young on The Wake Up Call w/ Eric&Selena leading up to the big Froggy Fest 2014 this Sunday.  He told us that he was not allowed to have anything red as a child -- M&M's, Kool-Aid -- you get the pic.  Mama Young was worried the red dye would make Chris hyper. 

.... Would it be a bad welcome to NEPA if I give Chris Young one of these backstage:


c'mon - he has to have outgrown the side effects, right?  Ahhh, a taste of NEPA!

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In honor of "Selfie" being added to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, here's the Wake Up Call Selfie the publication could use for their example:

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