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Posts from April 2014

Bring Leg Warmers Back...for babies!!

Oh My, I look FABULOUS!!

Why every kids' clothing store doesn't sell leg warmers is beyond me.  I have an older son (Cole - 2 yrs old), and this is Lyla (6 months); it takes soooo much longer to put girl clothes on -- tights on a baby?!!  Boy, you better hope you don't have a diaper emergency.

My friend Michele is as sweet as these leg warmers! She got me hooked on baby leg warmers (Michele knows her fashion -- check out her adorable handmade children's designs at "Bella's Baubles and Bows" on FB!).  Not only cute, but FUNCTIONAL!  So much easier than struggling with a wiggly full-diaper baby in tights!!   Highly recommend, moms!

Michael Sembello, eat your heart out ... this is one maniac on the dance (crawl!) floor!!!

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I'm a terrible High-Fiver ... and I didn't even know
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Romance in our golden years...
My cell  --- as the kids say -- "blew up" with multiple texts from hubby. He's all excited about finding his Men's multi-vitamin at an incredible discount. He's been looking for this particular vitamin for weeks.  

 Babe! 200 vitamins for $3.50!!! It's normally 17 BUCKS!!

Can't wait to see what's in-store for our Golden Years: Buy-1-Get-1 water pills will be our foreplay.
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When did my 2 year old become so brave?  He insisted on going up the steps and down the slide by himself --- I was more scared than him!
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