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Posts from March 2014

Bobble THIS!!

Can you even imagine - your very own bobblehead?!!

A big thanks to our friend, Jim Z, for letting us know that Eric and I were contenders in the RailRiders Bobblehead competition!! 
We don't know how our big heads were nominated, but thank you! 
If you want to own a state-of-the-art bobblehead

...where for everytime Bobble Eric nods "YES", Bobble Selena soundly nod "NO" ...

please vote for "Eric &Selena" in the link below!!  THANK YOU!!

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Get your own date!

Man, I'm pissed Kim and Kanye's wedding is MY wedding anniversary -- I don't want to share with those self-exploiting fools!

My sister just told me, too, that she wants to get married on the same date as my anniversary next year. 

I put May 24th on the map, you wedding coat-tail riders!! Get your own! 

Are there certain event dates you don't want to share?  Even Eric admits he's too egotistical to share an important date like a wedding with a sibling...


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