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Posts from February 2013

Procrastinators hate the month of February

Procrastinators’ worst birthday:  to be born in the month of February.

 I even postpone procrastination.

I’m a February baby.  Every year during this month, I can’t wait to get my store loyalty gift cards – I earned them, baby!!!  And every year, it never fails:  I scramble THE LAST DAY of the month to redeem my treasures!  Uggh!!!  It’s not fair – January and March babies get 3 extra days to screw up!!!
Believe it or not, I actually did something ahead of time! My car inspection sticker expires at the end of March.  Don’t know what came over me, but I was proactive and took my car in on Feb 25th … nothing to brag about, but definitely worth a gold star for a procrastinator. I felt a sense of accomplishment … until I saw the new inspection expiration sticker: FEBRUARY, 2014.  DAMN IT!!!  Curse those 3 days we lose! 

…should have procrastinated into March – would have earned back those 3 days.  DRAT!

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Joe Don Rooney, where ya grabbin...?

...he squeezed my ARM FAT!! 

I'm never lifting weights with my right arm again.

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That's one WHAM-O Butt you got there...

Seriously, this was stuck to the ass of my jacket ALL weekend.

And why, O WHY, of all things, did it have to say, "Space Saucer".  ON MY BUTT. 

Or WHAM-O, for that matter...

I pulled the sticker off at work, embarrassed and curious who would do this to me.

....Then I realized, I was the prankster.  Oblivious me.

I took my son sledding last weekend, and this perfect label was just itchin' to hitch a ride on my caboose.

"Space Saucer."  ON.MY.REAR!

"Well, you just have an ass that's outta this world" -- thank you to a friend that sees the silver linings to my behind :-)

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My Kid. The Zombie.

We have a biter on our hands.

My son is now 1 year old, and can't quite figure out the serious damage his 4 baby chompers can cause. He also doesn't understand you don't use teeth to kiss

(something I wish my 1st boyfriend knew...and he had braces).


Lately, Cole's been going in for the kill like a smooth gentleman.  A smile.  A coy turn of the head.  He leans in for an embrace, and then..... CHOOOOOMP!

He bit a couple kids. Daycare's sweet to say he was trying to hug; he doesn't know better at this age.  He even bit Mommy -- try to explain questionable hickeys in your 30's!

While I'm perplexed by what to do, I think my husband is relishing the idea that he has raised a ZOMBIE BABY.  That's actually one of his loving nicknames. Yup.  He's a huge Walking Dead fan on AMC.  Now I'm wondering if he's creating headshots to cast Cole in the show...look what he sent me this morn:

Fingers crossed he gets an audition...

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Pets steal the show ....
Seriously, I almost had an accident myself watching this!  My son Cole is just learning to walk.  I hope our cat Fozzie doesn't pull this!
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