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Justin Taylor
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Posts from May 2012

Yearbook Prank
After years of being asked if they were sisters, they finally got the last laugh in their year book.

These EIGHT graduating girls from Presentation High School in San Jose, California, all have the same Vietnamese last name: Nguyen

 And since they knew all eight of them would be back-to-back in the yearbook, they all decided NOT to pick lame, corny inspirational quotes to run under their photos.  Instead, they each picked one or two words each, and formed a sentence.

 So when you look at all their photos together, the quotes combine to read:

"We know what you're thinking, and no, we're not related."

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Meet Toby Keith --- Cheeeeck!!

A soldier in Afghanistan got to check "Meet Toby Keith" off his bucket list.  Toby was there on a USO tour.

Seaman Nicholas Pfaff almost missed meeting Toby because the line was too long, and his lunch break was coming to an end.  Good thing he had this actual bucket list. He showed it to an event staff memer and the list made its way to Toby, who not only "checked" his name on the list, ranked at #15, but he also autographed it!!

...I bet Toby had a good laugh that he was listed at #15 .....WELL below "beat a food challenge" at #1!!!

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