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Hula Hooping on the Job

This is how we get a quick escape while on the job:

Jen of Serenity Wellness & Dance Center in Luzerne dropped off a custom-made Hula Hoop (green, yellow and white for FROGGY...thanks, Jen!!!...yup, they have hula hoop exercise classes).  I just happened to be leaving the building with the thing slung over my arm like a purse (cause it just seems so natural to be walking around an office with a ginormous ring!), when I was stopped by Crockett and his entourage in the lobby.  He boasted how gifted he is in the  Hula craft, so I told him to put his money where his hip is.

I love our Froggy crew.  I witnessed a gathering of staff to cheer Crockett on in the random hulahoop hijinx; I must say, he's quite the skilled hip shaker.

Plus, the image of Crock's Hawaii print boxers - hanging on for dear life -- poetically fitting the impromptu occasion.


We have our fun on the job here at FROGGY ... what do you do to keep your sanity?

Share the stress relief with The Wake Up Call with Eric & Selena Friday morn at 6:15....#1-800-570-1013
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Let the boy play with Barbies!

A mom emailed our virtual mailbag: wondering if she needs to take away her son's new toys....

My son just turned 5 years old. He's had lots of friends in pre-school, both boys and girls, but this year he has pretty much completely stopped playing with the boys and is only interested in playing with his little girl friends.

On top of that, one of the little girls recently left some of her Barbies over at our house and now he plays with them 24 hours a day and doesn't want to give them back. He even told his father that he wished Barbie's clothes were big enough to fit him!

I don't really know if this is a phase or if I should intervene or if I'm even supposed to care at all.

Any advice?


Eric and Crockett were a little taken aback by the boy wanting to dress like Barbie, but if Rusty Fender can do it, why can't this innocent kid?

My cousin did the same thing when he was 5, insisting on wearing his mom's costume jewelry.  He would throw a fit whenever his dad would try to take the necklaces off him.  His mom would tell the father to let it go; he's just exploring.  That cross-dressing lil’ boy is now a well-grounded, respectable 23-year-old man who is in a healthy relationship with his girlfriend. 

...and I bet has no trepidation buying nice jewelry for his lovely lady!

Kids are sponges.  They want to learn and explore new things. A Barbie is not going to harm a boy; if anything, it will make them more inquisitive about girls.  

Just make sure you have that talk eventually with your son that MOST girls don’t grown up to look like her!

Give your son the Barbie.  And why stop there?  Throw in an Easy Bake Oven.  Who says I’m the one that has to be the cook in the relationship?!  Girls DO love a man that cooks.
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Meet Crockettron 3.0

The supercomputers are spawning!!!

After IBM's supercomputer crushed it's champion competition on Jeopardy this week, another computer has emerged.  Are they taking over the earth?!  You may have a head start over this new was programmed by Crockett.

Keep in mind, though, he WILL destroy you on any questions regarding 80's pop culture, 80's hair metal bands, and wrestling.

Take Crockettron 3.0 on to win Jack Ingram tix during Friday's 7am hour with The Wake Up Call!
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Edible Suggestions for Valentine's Day!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Crockett did the taste-testing for you!

Crockett was actually eager to try for this week’s Awful Entrée the Edible Underwear (it was actually his suggestion!) He ventured off for the Men’s (?!!) undies in the flavor of passion fruit. Turns out they wear better than they taste.

Crockett claims it tasted like baby powder. Must have eaten the absorbent underwear brand.

Two Houston chefs took their expertise to the next level and did their own edible gift taste test. Here’s how they ranked them from WORST to BEST:
WORST: Edible strawberry undies: “…worst cotton-candy ever.” I guess Crockett’s palate isn’t too far off from these chefs.
BAD: Edible body paint: “taste like the barium shake you drink before a medical test”
BETTER: Edible candy bra: “They do get stale if they sit on the shelf for a while”
BEST: Lovers body pen set: Lets you write in chocolate. “Taste like Nestle’s strawberry milk”

Aren't you glad we tested it for you?
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