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Selena Keeps Stealing My Lunch... Kinda.

    As we cascade toward another Munchie Monday I have been trying a few recipe ideas at home and bringing the leftovers (good or bad) in for lunch the next day. I have been choosing pretty decent food and cooking well, I must admit, but I may have created a serious problem for myself here at work… Selena keeps stealing my lunch.

    Ok, to be honest, she’s only been tasting what I’ve brought but it’s a daily occurrence! To help you understand how she secretly steals my lunch I’ve created a copy of the dialog that occurs (not exact but close) so follow along.

1. The approach begins with a question: Her: “what is that; it smells GOOD.”
2. Me: “it’s something I cooked last night” 
3. Then comes the over the shoulder inspection of my culinary experiment…
4. Question two: “what’s in it; it looks delicious”…
5. I explain. 
6. Then after a reasonable amount of time I ask the question that she knows is coming: Me  “would you like a taste”
7. Her: “would you mind?” 
8. Samples are had
9. compliments ensue
10. I am glad she enjoyed it.

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01/24/2013 12:45PM
Selena Keeps Stealing My Lunch... Kinda.
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01/24/2013 12:59PM
lunch samples....think not
let my wife cook for you....NO ONE would ever again steal / sample your lunch...the kids have arguements on what the meat actually is....silly kids...never get it right....
01/24/2013 1:34PM
Stones and Glass houses
Eric, If Selena is stealing your lunch, I bet this isn't the first time or the only person that has done this to you. I also don't think you instant either.
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