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My collection addiction!

I have recently started to collect the LJN's, and it all started back in 1991-1992.  Here is a brief story on how I got involved into collecting them.  I got into pro wrestling when I was in Kindergarten.  My oldest brother (who did not live with us) left a PWI wrestling magazine at our house, I can clearly remember the magazine too.  It was the Wrestlemania 6 recap. When I found this magazine, I assumed, "well if my brother likes wrestling, it must be cool.  I guess I LOVE wrestling now."  Going through the pages (not reading of course) looking at the pictures, I decided my favorite wrestlers was Hulk Hogan.  From there, I was hooked.  I watched wrestling any chance I could.  I was a Hulkamaniac, and started buying Hasbro's any time my mom would take us out. 

It was around 1993, when I re discovered this PWI magazine, and somehow, missed the ad in the back of the magazine for the LJN figures.  After examining the ad carefully, I discovered there was a referee figure, and for some reason thought it was the greatest thing.  I ran downstairs and asked my mom if we could get the referee figure.  My mother must have been in a great mood that day, because she said, "sure, how about we pick out five?"  Thrilled, my mom and I sat down and filled out the ad, selecting five figures, the referee my first choice.  

I remember my mom showing me how to fill out a check, address the envelope, and how to put the stamp on the envelope, while explaining how the post office worked, and how this whole transaction was going to work.  I listened and tried to  register everything, mostly because I knew my mom was treating me for no reason.  A few days go by, everyday asking if the figures arrived, when one sad day, my mom had to tell me the company was no longer shipping figures, and that the magazine ad was old.  I was devastated.  I may have only been in second grade, but I knew the figures in the stores were different, than the ones in PWI, I assumed they were no longer being made, and therefore I would never see that referee again.  

Fast forward to current day, my buddies and I go to the flea market, where I come across a guy selling LJN's.  I know you're thinking, "He finally got the ref!"  No, but I did pick up half his lot for a fair price.  When my buddies and I got back to the car, I took the figures out of the bag and stared at them.  It was right there, I was taken back to the story I just told, and said to myself, "I'm going to get all those figures, and that damn referee, so I can make that disappointed, 2nd grader in me finally happy."  And thus my journey has begun.  

I'm proud to say, that today, I have renegotiated my contract at work, and have accepted a new three year deal, bigger pay, and a extension on my bonus.  Excited that my dreams are becoming a reality, I decided I would celebrate, not with a drink, but by buying the blue shirt referee today.  I went on ebay, found only one listing for the blue shirted referee, a buy it now deal for $35, free shipping with the figure in fantastic shape.  I eagerly hit buy it now, and paid.  

I'm very excited to finally hold this figure in my possession after 21 years of waiting!

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08/07/2013 3:41PM
My collection addiction!
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