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Recap of the Smart Mop!

I know I know, your all tired of reading, hearing, and watching me talk about the Smart Mop, well this is the last time...for awhile.  So if you haven't watched my video blog yet, I reviewed the Smart Mop.  After waiting so long to find/purchase the Smart Mop I took it home, tested it, and gave it a 3.5 our of 5 stars.

Well I'm here to tell you that I was wrong in my is actually BETTER than a 3.5, I would say it is more of a 4 to 4.5 star mop!  See here is what I think happened.

After work I went all over creation looking for this damn mop, after about three hours of searching, my search came to an end.  I found it, bought it and took it home.  I woke up at 3:50 am earlier that morning, went to work, came home, did some wash and dishes. Then I went on the search, by the time I got home it was around 6:30.  As soon as I walked in the door I recorded the review.

What I SHOULD have done was, laid took a nap, or did the review the next day.  But the excitement was too much, and I had to try it out.  Here is where problem #2 arrived.  The ammonia.  You can clearly see in the video review that I put WAY too much in the bucket.  So much that I started chocking on the vapors.  In fact, if you watch part 2 of the review, you will notice my eyes are very squinty.  It was not due to the fact I was tired, it was due ONLY because it smelled so strong of ammonia.

I could not see the floor, or could not see the mop, it was horrible.  Actually after the review, I had to  leave my doors and windows open for an hour to drain the smell.  On top of that, in the review, I show how the mop untwisted.  I can assure you it has never done that again!

So yesterday I decided to give the Smart Mop another go.  Instead of ammonia I used Pine Sol, so that maybe this time I could see and enjoy what I was doing.  Well me oh my!  This was a great success!  To my surprise the smart mop did not fall apart, it took off stains no problem, it swept up dirt in the process, and it did not leave the floor dripping wet like my old mop did.

Another great feature about the mop that I mention in the video is about the length of the mop.  It is very long.  Long enough that you are not constantly bending over, resulting in a sore back.  The black handles that allow you to ring out the mop are fantastic!  When the Smart Mop hits the floor it feels and looks like a clean mop is hitting the floor every time!

Again, as promised, this is the last I will talk about Smart Mop for awhile...until tomorrow morning.


01/20/2011 10:58AM
Recap of the Smart Mop!
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