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Justin Taylor
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Protesting a fallen soldier?

So I hear there is a group, church, or whatever they want to call themselves coming from Kansas to our home town to protest the funeral of our fallen soldiers.  The thought that this group is planning to bring five weak minded, selfish, idiotic, individuals to stand with there homemade signs and use their free speech,  o protest this fallen hero's life.  Whether you agree with the war or not, these brave men and women are fighting for your right to have free speech, to have the ability to believe in what religion you believe in, without consequences.

However, somewhere along the line, these morons forgot they live in the GREATEST country in the world, and that they ONLY have these rights, because as I stated earlier, these men and women risk their lives for them.  It is mind blowing, that a group of people could be so selfish, arrogant, and disrespectful to a families loss.

As many of you know, my brother and his wife both currently serve in the Air Force.  If I were to ever get the news that one of them died serving this great country I would be mortified, but also proud as I could be, knowing that my brother or his wife, paid the ultimate sacrifice, to insure that I could enjoy ALL of the great things the United States of America gives us EVERYDAY.   To the family of Cpl. Dale Kridlo, you have my support, and I'm sure MANY others.


11/16/2010 6:40AM
Protesting a fallen soldier?
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