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Eric Petersen


Please... Stop it With The Cliches!

I used to work for a guy who would use a cliché for everything... and I mean everything!!! His very special favorite was: "jump the shark"... UGH!!!

Ok, to be fair I use a bunch of clichés in my everyday speech too, but being a master of the King's English I think I know when to stop. But some people use way too many clichés, and after the two hundred thousandth time of hearing any one cliché it starts to lose its sting.

Here are some clichés that are overused and should probably be banned:

1. Money doesn't grow on trees.
2. To throw someone under a bus.
3. LOL
4. Been there, done that.
5. That's how I roll.
6. I know, right?
7. More bang for your buck
8. Outside of the box
9. You go, girl!
10. It is what it is.
11. 24/7

Seriously... What should be added to this list? Which of these do you hate the most? The least?

I'm curious what ones you hear all the time that bug you!

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07/19/2011 11:37AM
Please... Stop it With The Cliches!
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07/19/2011 11:48AM
Just sayin! Holy hell do I hate that.
07/19/2011 12:11PM
Numbers 9 & 10 on your list irritate me, but there are a LOT of things that irritate me more! "Haina" drives me crazy! So does hearing someone pronounce "ask" as "axe"!
07/19/2011 1:25PM
Am I the only one who uses "One in the Hand is Worth two In the Bush?" IS this even a cliche...I am outta touch here! What about "Word Up!" I still use that one.... Git 'er Done! ;)
07/19/2011 5:32PM
Ruth L.
the one that irritates me most is "everything happens for a reason.
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