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Perfect Bedtime Story...for Mom & Dad ONLY!

This is NOT a children's book for your kids....this is for YOU, the parent fed up with your kids' endless torture they create during bedtime.

Samuel L. Jackson narrated a bedtime story called Go the [$#@!] to Sleep 

 It's written like a children's book, but from a frustrated parent's perspective....oh, and it's LITTERED with profanity.  So, no, this is NOT for lil' Susie's bedtime.  More like for mom and dad after Susie's asleep.

Samuel L Jackson's narration makes this book PRICELESS: (click here to hear...WARNING: this is NOT mom-approved!)

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06/15/2011 10:58AM
Perfect Bedtime Story...for Mom & Dad ONLY!
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06/15/2011 12:26PM
mu daughter has 3 yr old twin boys....who at 3 are still NOT great sleepers...she bought this book for her husband....LOL
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