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Ok I want this!

If some of you don't know, I love to clean.  I hate to admit it, but I love to clean.  But its that weird kind of love, like working out.  I dread doing it, but once I start I don't want to stop, and when I finish I feel great!  Right now, my house is a disaster, I mean a wreck!  I plan on cleaning the whole place this afternoon, but I want to wait and here's why.

Out of all the things I love to clean in the house, it's the kitchen and bathroom floors.  For some reason I LOVE to mop.  The smell of ammonia is one of the best smells, it just smells....clean! Mopping is like relaxation therapy for me.  I turn on some 80's metal real loud, usually something like the Scorpions or Ratt, heck maybe even some Van Halen, and just start mopping away!  Just to verify though, it's almost always Scorpions Blackout album.

Any who, I pour half a bucket of ammonia with a half a bucket of water and get to work.  Anyone who is in the house leaves the room because of the smell...whimps!  I have a pattern I start in.  First the kitchen door, all the way to the fridge, from there I go across the floor, then to the sink, and then enter the bathroom.  Usually the worst part of mopping is where I mix all of my booze.  For some reason a lot of booz1e ends up on the floor when concocting different kinds of drinks.

Now here is where the problem arises when I want to being the mopping process.  I have to sweep, then vacuum.  The sweeping part is very annoying.  The dirt seems to spread no matter how much I try to keep it in a pile.  Then to top it all off, I don't own a vacuum!  Well I do, but it makes more of a mess than it does clean!  So the process to get to mopping is a total pain.    Here is how it goes down.  I start to sweep, dirt goes everywhere.  After I finally get the dirt in a pile, I have to take this ridiculously tiny, hand held, dirt devil vacuum, and attempt to pick up this dirt mound on the floor.  After about twenty tries, I'm finally ready to mop.

So the other day I'm watching tv, and the answer to my prayers are answered!

Smart Mop!

That's right the smart mop!  This thing seems unreal!  Not only does it look like the greatest mop ever, but it also picks up dirt as well!  That means no more sweeping!   But then I got to thinking, "what about the rest of my house?  I can't mop the rugs."  Yes it's true, when I need to vacuum the house, I have to go to my parents house, which is a good 20 minutes away, borrow theirs, drive home, vacuum, then bring it immediately back, because my mom does not like being away from her all!

So then I thought, "Vacuums are real expensive.  If only there was some sort of cheap vacuum, that didn't take up a lot of room, but was just as effective as a regular size vacuum."  Again my prayers were answered!  I came across this beauty when surfing the internet.

Swivel Sweeper G2!

This thing looks amazing!  I watched a review online, and it looks like the real deal.  Some people have their complaints, but the majority of them seem very positive about this vacuum.  And the best part?  THERE IS A NEWER VERSION!  That's right, the Swivel Sweeper G2 Elite!   This thing looks unreal!  Not only could I use this in the kitchen, but I could use it in the entire house!  My house would look great, and smell great too.

Plan on seeing a video very soon.  That video is of me cleaning my house with at least one of these products!  I know where to buy the Smart Mop, but the Swivel Sweeper G2 Elite I'm not too sure about.  That one may take some time.


01/13/2011 9:44AM
Ok I want this!
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