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Jessie Roberts


Now there's even a right way to blow my nose?!

I know the drill - I'm basically sick from the first day of October to the last day of April. Sure, I have a few good days, but for the most part, I can count out breathing through my nose. In an effort to alleviate a really bad congestion day today, I just got finished reading a 2 page article about how to most accurately fight a cold. Some of the suggestions were take antihistamines and keep your nasal passages open - one way to do that - learn to blow your nose "correctly." Maybe this is the key to success considering "only 2 percent of people know how to blow their nose correctly." Apparently, you're supposed to hold one nostril closed while you blow into a tissue for 3-5 seconds then repeat on the other side. Otherwise, an infection can occur. Not only is this good news for me but for others around me because I'm the loudest nose blower you'll ever meet! Ha. No blocked nasal passages AND no more embarrassing "honking"? I'll take it! ;-) Happy cold and flu season!

11/05/2009 10:15AM
Now there's even a right way to blow my nose?!
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11/10/2009 6:15PM
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