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New game plan for Daddy

My hubby no longer works in the same office as me.  What a weird phenomenon.  This is the place I met Ethan nine years ago.  These are the halls I would get all giddy running into him.  I can't believe I'd ever miss seeing his life-size Gandolf staring back at me when I pass his office (yup.  in radio we acquire eclectic things).

Ethan is taking on a whole new career outside of radio.  It's probably the most selfless thing I've seen; to give up a career he loved and is damn good at, for better opportunities for his growing family. 

Not only is he going back to college, but he has been taking care of our very active 18 month old son, Cole.  And doing an awesome job, in the coolest way only Ethan knows how.  Here's his latest FB post:

This morning, I showed Cole how to make eggs over-hard; we had an 80s dance party to Debarge’s “Rhythm of the Night;” learned the lyrics to “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” by Old Dirty Bastard; jumped my old Matchbox car replica of the sheriff’s car from “Smokey and the Bandit 2” over some monster truck toys and spices from the lazy susan; then went out to the playground to roll around in the dirt for an hour while I played hide-and-seek by standing behind a pavilion post that effectively hid nothing of my side profile. What did you do today? Did it involve bad coffee and parking like an a****** because some not-between-the-lines d******* in the parking lot set the standard for the entire row? Come to my house for a break. You need to park between lines properly. I need a break. You can watch my kid. I have good coffee. Win-win.

Their day started at 6a.  Ethan could have forgivably plopped Cole in front of the tv, but he didn't. 

Seeing this helps me get past the void at the office.  Instead of seeing Ethan's quirky Gandolf poster at work, I'm greeted by all the fun toys Ethan and Cole play with throughout the day.

Ethan, you're putting your heart into this new job thing ... being an amazing Daddy.  If you can do this with such finesse, I have no doubt you'll shine at your future profession.

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08/02/2013 11:42AM
New game plan for Daddy
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08/02/2013 5:51PM
Love it!!!!
Embracing change takes courage. Supporting this change takes true love. Offering such a great day to a beautiful little man takes two great parents!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoox Best of luck to you all in this new way of life!
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