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Mystery Gifts!

This morning I was greeted with horror... A nice cheerful horror.  This making any sense yet?  Well let me make it a little clearer for you.  So when I went into work this morning, I unlocked my office door, and was greeted by two presents neatly wrap sitting on my desk.  I stood there confused.  Who placed these gifts on my desk?  I was on my earned one day vacation, so I missed the two mystery gift givers.  As I walked toward the gifts I wondered to myself, "Who would have brought me a gift?  I did not discuss getting gifts for anyone." 

Then I see the tags. To: Crockett From: Jessie and To: Crockett From: Jake.  Jessie and Jake!  Say what!  Why would they not tell me we are exchanging gifts!?!  I'm sure this is a very custom thing to them, seeing how they have been on staff for awhile, but this is year one for me!  I did not think people exchanged gifts here!  I was wrong, and now I have nothing, and will not see anyone till after the New Year because they are all on vacation!  What am I to do?  Can I still get them a gift and give it to them after the New Year or is that social suicide? 


12/23/2010 4:11AM
Mystery Gifts!
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