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My recent ebay score.

Some of you may not know, but I collect wrestling figures.  Surprised?  You shouldn't be.  Anyways, I currently am collecting bootleg wrestling figures from the 80's (usually sold from dollar stores).  They aren't worth much money, because they are just generic knockoff's from giant factories in Japan.  But because they were massed produced, and were not "official" figures, finding them on ebay is never an easy task!  

I was lucky enough to recently pick up a nice collection of figures this past week.  Even better, a ring was included!  Finding rings from these bootleg serious are really hard to find, mostly because they were very basic and junk, compared to the WWF, WCW, and AWA toy rings.   Again, the value of these are probably only $1-$5, but I remember staring at these figures when I was a kid, begging my mom to buy them for me.  So to capture some of that childhood memory is clutch!  

Here are pictures of my recent purchase! 


So go check your basements or attics and see if you can find any of those old wrestling figures, because I may buy a few off of ya! 


06/26/2013 4:08PM
My recent ebay score.
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