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My new problem...

It seems like every week I have some sort of new dilemma.  And this week it happens again.  I'm starting to gain some weight back that I lost over the summer, and I'm not too happy about this.  What I am happy about is getting laser eye surgery on Friday!  So how do these two co-mingle?

Well, I was looking to get a gym membership at planet fitness to start getting rid of the flab, especially since they have a special going on until next week.  I thought to myself, awesome, but then I get the news from the doctor, no working out for 2 weeks after surgery.  The two weeks is ONLY for running, I can do light lifting for 3 weeks and heavy lifting for four weeks!

So, the situation is this.  If I join the gym this week I'm pretty much paying for a month not to use the gym, but I get the really sweet deal, but on the other hand, if I don't join this week, I save some extra cash for this month, but next month when I join it is going to be a higher monthly fee.  Where do I go from here?


11/04/2010 5:41AM
My new problem...
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11/09/2010 5:54AM
beth ann
you are doing great crockett and you areveryfunny keep up the good work on the wake up call every day
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