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My car window is back in action!

So yesterday I finally had to stop procrastinating and get my window repaired.  I figured it would be a good choice seeing how we were scheduled, and did get a lot of snow.  I figured the last thing I needed was four inches of snow in on my passenger seat.

So after work, off to Kingston I went.  I dropped the car off at the repair shop, and within an hour and a half they called me right back informing me, the car was finished!

I thought, "that was quick," and headed on over.  I just couldn't imagine an entire window being put back in my door.  We're talking, an entire window shattered!  There was still glass in the door, in the seals, and within and hour and a half, it was finished?

As I drove to the shop my mind started to wonder, "If they DID fix it in this short amount of time, it will surely cost me an arm and a leg." (As you can tell, I'm no mechanic, because I assume the total time it takes to the car adds onto the price.)  I also started wondering, "this was so quick they couldn't have fixed, I will probably get the old, well we were going to fix it, BUT..."

I pull into the shop (if your wondering, we took my girlfriends car to the shop, that way I wouldn't have to wait) go inside, and the guy told me, Your all ready!  Kept the car warm for ya, and the car is ready to go!"  Then I asked the dreaded question... "How much?"

Turns out it was only, $156.00.  I couldn't believe it!  That price was half than what the insurance company told me it was going to be.  I gave him my credit card happily, and drove home.  And it was nice driving to work in this morning, not freezing!


01/12/2011 6:52AM
My car window is back in action!
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