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My Two Boys...

I have adopted, well my girlfriend and I have adopted, two cats from the Humane Society of Lackawanna County. They are an amazing addition to the house. If you someday find yourself sitting lonely in your life, I highly recommend getting a pet for your house.
Yes: they claw the furniture and knocked over the palm tree, yes: they're up all night and sleep until the very second that you decide to go to bed, yes: they climb the curtains, and eat the cord on my cell phone charger, they try to eat the food off my plate at dinner and redecorate the kitchen counter when I'm at work, they threw up on my bed and drink out of the toilet and leave hair on all my dark clothes and pooped on three of my most favorite shirts!!!
Yep, they do all of that, but when I come home from work, and they meet me at the door (eternally happy to see me), I realize that they are two of my best friends and that in spite of the daily litter box cleaning, and shedding issues... I love those cats!

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08/17/2010 8:18AM
My Two Boys...
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08/17/2010 9:25AM
They do grow on you. What song have you picked for Friday's singalong?
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