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Eric Petersen


My Neighbors...

I live in a very small town; in truth I wouldn't have it any other way. The grocery store, post office church, and bank are all in one "line of sight" street. Everyone asks if you're "old man so-and-so's" kid, or if you know of, are related to this person or that person. It's kind of cool. But small towns in NEPA have their drawbacks too.

Take for example the street that I live on: from end to end there are twelve houses, one business, and a Masonic hall, making it sparsely populated with buildings, not to mention people. Its tree lined, freshly paved, and a small creek runs through my, and my neighbor's backyards... sounds nice right?

Well consider this: for some reason at 5:55 am my neighbor to the north insists on firing up her Grand Prix and letting it idle to warm up, not so bad right? Well, the radio is tuned to a hip-hop station and is always so loud that it shakes the windows of my bed room, and almost without fail wakes so harshly that I actually sit up in bed! The major industry in town is landscaping and at 6:05 am dump trucks loaded with mulch and towing back hoes starts roaring by the front door. During the summer my neighbor to the south likes to get a jump on the grass cutting by firing up the lawnmower at 7:30 am and by noon is seated at the local pub (PS: in the winter the mower is replaced by a snow blower). After the sun sets he's usually back from the pub ,and finds himself in a war with his family, and for some unknown reason it always takes place in the middle of the street. Afterward his kids host a bi-nightly burnout competition till about 1am, and the overpopulation of dogs in town finish out the early am hours barking their reaction to it till the Grand Prix fires up setting the new day in motion.

Maybe I'm not cut out for small town living after all.

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09/21/2009 9:02AM
My Neighbors...
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