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Eric Petersen


My Limo

Two years ago the radio station decided to have a flea market to dispose of all the unnecessary vehicles that were no longer vital to the daily operation of our business. There were several vans, a trailer, and the crown jewel of our automotive fleet... the Froggy limo.

Originally bought as a promotional item for a defunct and long since dismissed staff member, the car is a 1978 Cadillac, retired funeral limousine, that's too old, too big, and absolutely perfect. It smells musty, has a problem with the headlights not working at night, and can't seem to keep the battery charged, but I love it! Sure I only drove it twice since I bought it, sure it only get about eight miles to the gallon, sure it's plastered with Froggy logos (and needs a muffler) but it is a perfect reminder of how great cars used to be, and reminds me of the first time I was ever in a luxury car (just exactly like it) and of how I was awestruck.

I will soon, no doubt, put it up on the auction block and relinquish the keys to a person who hopefully will restore it, and adore it as much as I do... but for now, I will mow the grass around it and smile knowing that if I wanted I could say: "Yes, as a matter of fact I do have a limousine".

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09/21/2009 9:01AM
My Limo
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11/06/2009 4:23PM
sarah woehlecke
I think I have seen this limo and thought how cool is that. Wish I had the money to restore it myself. The good cars are gone!
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