My Hero...

If some of you may not know.  I'm a giant wrestling fan.  I love the art of professional wrestling.  Yes I call it an art, and for many reasons.  These men step into a ring and preform amazing acrobatic moves, converse in monologues and stories, and garb your attention from start to finish.  Are all of these things not the same as what an actor does?

In fact, in older times, wrestling was even less scripted than today.  Back until the early 90's, wrestlers never rehearsed a match.  The most they would know, would be who won.  From there, before the match, the two wrestlers would discuss certain "spots" (a spot is a pre-planned wrestling move or series of moves) they wanted to do, and how the finish would occur, other than that, the two men had to work with each other, respond to the crowd, and make sure they sold out the house every night.

Wrestling is one of the first things I can remember liking in my entire life.  If I was lucky enough to catch wrestling on TV, I would sit as close as I could to the television and watch in amazement.  These larger than life men, coming out to hard rock, and dismantling each other all the while inside a ring.  But as I child, my favorite part was when the wrestlers stood in front of the camera and cut promos.  They would talk with so much passion, you could see anger or pain in their eyes, but there was one wrestler who won me over.  Who had me believe in every word he said.  When he was hurt, I was hurt, and when he was mad I was mad, and I grew up convinced I would be just like him.  That man was none other than, Hulk Hogan.

My memories are still fresh, in the middle of the ring, announcer, Howard Finkle, with his neat tux, and his thick mustache, would call out, "Weighing in at 303 lbs. from Venice Beach California, the WWF Champion, Hulk Hogan!"  The theme would blast through the speakers of the television, I would squat as close as I could, as my parents recall, I would shake and whisper things to myself, waiting in anticipation until finally, the man himself would come erupting from behind the curtain!

My smile was ear to ear, as the red and yellow filled my eyes.  This is what I was waiting for!  The reason, I took my vitamins, said my prayers, and lifted water weights that I demanded for my Christmas present at the age of 6!  The wait was over, that poor sap in the ring was in trouble, especially if he wrong the Hulkster and his Hulkamaniac's!

He came charging to the ring, huffing and puffing, pointing to the fool who dared take him on.  When he reached the ring his opponent fled in horror, and there in the center of the ring Hulk Hogan would tear off his shirt and cup his ear listening to the Hulkamaniac's cheer.  I swear I cheered so hard at the TV he must have heard me too.

The things would get stressful.  You see Hulk Hogan could never just come in and win 1,2,3, match over.  No, he was wrestling only the best of the best.  So he had a struggle every time.  And the bad guys never fought fair, and the referee was always hurt for some reason!  I would stand close to the TV, hoping up and down, crying and talking to myself (yes I was crying the whole match), and just when it looked like it was all over for Hogan, a burst of life would take over him!  He became invincible!  The punches no longer hurt him! MY GOD HE WAS GOING TO DO IT!  I would be screaming, laughing at the bad guy for trying, yelling words of encouragement, as Hogan set up for his finishing move, The Leg Drop!

When the leg drop connected, forget it, the match was over!  Hogan would cover up his opponent, I would dive to the floor and count out loud with the referee, 1...2....3!  I would spring up to my feet, in pure astonishment Hulk Hogan won! I would flex and mimic his every move. My eyes were red and puffy from crying, I would point to the television to inform my parents The Hulkster won, although if they were watching me they already knew.

I was and always will be a Hulkamaniac.  I have never done a drug in my life, finished High School and went through two colleges.  I was a two time state runner up in high school wrestling, and it all started with Hulk Hogan.

Watch Ya Gonna Do?


10/20/2010 6:12AM
My Hero...
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