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Eric Petersen


My "Redneck" Pool

There is currently in my yard a giant baron looking circle where no grass grows. It is in the very center of my lawn and looks like an abscure landing pad for a helicopter, or crop circle left behind by a spaceship. Most people would look off the back deck of the house and see an eyesore, or at the very least begin re-seeding to make it disappear, I however look at it and smile knowing the it represents the best two hundred dollars that I've ever spent... it is the mark left behind by my redneck pool.

Laugh if you will, my family, friends, and neighbors did, but they all used it when the temps began to soar, and all thanked me for the opportunity to do so. So, in an effort to help you make friends that you will wish you didn't have and see family that you don't want at your house, I will give you that piece of advice that you really shouldn't use: Get to your local supercenter or discount retailer and proudly walk to the "redneck summer supply" section. Put the box that weighs a thousand pounds, and wont fit in a regular cart into a regular cart, and wheel your way down the aisle (if you can) to the spot where you'll have to buy a pump you don't have, extra filters you'll need, chemicals you didn't budget for, and instructions you won't understand, and proceed to the checkout.

Take it all home, air it up, and start the hose running. In about a week (not really) you will have incurred the largest water bill that you've ever paid, and all for the sake of five dips in an unheated pool of water that you'll hate yourself for buying by September.

With that said, after the winter thaw, you like me, will stand anxiously with a smile, staring a cilcular path of bare earth, waiting to start the rite of passage that will insure you a lot of extra summer work, and still you wont care, because yes- when you want it- you'll have a pool.

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09/21/2009 9:04AM
My "Redneck" Pool
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01/16/2010 5:27PM
dale titman
when are you & kate comming to bassette
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