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Meg Young

Posts from May 2012

Crazy cat ladies unite!

It's official. Crazy cat ladies (and men) can now get even closer to their favorite felines!

Introducing... YOU VS CAT on your iPad or smartphone! You read that right - you can now download an app from Purina that allows you to play games with your cat. Pit your skills against kitty's in this riveting game to see who's quicker at catching the little electronic fishies! If you guessed humans still have the upper hand... you'd be wrong. According to the website, currently we're trailing our feline friends 5,475,820 points to 4,718,510. 

Shame, humans.

So, what's the consensus? Have we gone a little too crazy with our pets? I don't think so. Then again, I took a Christmas card photoshoot of my bunny wearing a Santa hat. So........

Check out YOU VS CAT here.

:) Meg

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