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Eric Petersen


Love at first sight...

      I will always remember the first time I saw my very first true love. She was perfect. She was an exact match to a naive teenagers imaginings. Within a few weeks we had met, dated, kissed, and began what turned out to be a decent 3 1/2 year relationship. Back then I  really believed in love at first sight... of course I also believed that "the check is in the mail" meant that it really was, and that infomercials were telling the truth, and Bert & Ernie were only just roommates!

      These days I still believe in a lot of things, but love at first sight is no longer among them. Catching sight of someone who "stirs" you is a great thing; it's inspiring, to say the least, but it's not love. Love is deeper, and harder, and ultimately better than all the stuff that you could ever get from a simple vision of someone. A friend of mine has a magnet on her fridge that reads: "Friendship is knowing everything about someone, and liking them anyway", I think that describes love too. 

     The idea of love at first sight, is the belief in a vision of perfection... I don't buy it, and furthermore if I ever did want that, I don't want it anymore. The woman I will hopefully spend the rest of my life with will be (like I am): too angry and too young, too old and too happy, too dumb, and scared, too shy, and too bold and smelly, and grumpy... and so completely flawed that she'll be exactly perfect! That woman I will love forever will be so much of a mess, as I am, that I will want to see her everyday because I will appreciate how imperfect she is, and ultimately I'll need her in my life because of it.

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03/19/2010 6:22AM
Love at first sight...
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