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Life sometimes gives us signs.

Sometimes I'm amazed by how things tend to work out in life.  Its the holiday season once again, and as many of us know it is the season for giving, loving and caring.  As of recently I have been stressing out because I'm getting ready to move into a new apartment, and I'm a little worried about, moving, bills, gifts, ect.  Let's face it, money is tight for a lot of us, I included, but this morning I was greeted by a nice surprise.  

My car payment is a little over $200 a month, and I received a letter from the bank informing me that they are willing to give me a break for the holidays.  The letter states that I only need to mail a check for $125 for the month of December and January, so I can have some extra cash for gifts and bills.  I thought, "Wow this is great, just what I needed a little help during the holidays, this will lighten the load." 

Now here is where the story truly gets amazing (and sad).  I'm sitting in the studio, working on the computer when I get a message on Facebook from an old friend.  In fact he was the first friend I ever made in school, way back in elementary school, where we would remain friends until 7th grade when I would move away., and I think the last time I saw him was in 2005.  The message was sent to all his facebook friends, and it was a plead for help.  

His youngest sister’s 8 month old son passed last Saturday, and he was asking any of his friends if they could donate anything at all to help them out.  I read the message and thought to myself, "Just this morning I had a letter that was helping me out in a time of need, and now here I sit, reading a letter from not just someone, but a friend who is in need of help, more than I."  I immediately sent him a message, got his address and mailed him out a check.  

I don't look for praise for what I did, that's not what this story is about,  this story is about taking care of others in need.  We tend to be blind during this time of the season and miss these little signs that life gives us.  I hope everyone has a great holiday, but more importantly don't forget about people.  Not just people in need, but old friends, family and those who are no longer with us.  


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12/04/2012 6:23PM
Life sometimes gives us signs.
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