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Just one shot, give me just one shot!

If you had the opportunity to punch ONE celebrity right in the face, who would it be and why? I have two actually that I would love to just SMASH right in the teeth, and when I say teeth, I mean teeth! I HATE, I mean HATE, Brendan Fraser. I hate all of the movies he is in, I hate his face, and I think he is a crappy actor! I mean just look how lame he is...

Come on, how could any one like this guy? I have seen the Mummy, and know what? I did not care for it, and I especially did not care for him! But ya know what? There is someone else I would rather punch in the face more! Oh yes, an actor who I can't stand! When I thought of the question, what celebrity would you like to punch in the face, I didn't even hesitate to answer. I would LOVE to punch Hugh Grant right in his giant, British teeth!

A smug looking individual. With his gross curly hair, and his insanely large smile. The guy got arrested for picking up a prostitute for crying out loud! If I was making millions of dollars, and woman (for some unknown reason) were finding me stunning, the last thing I would be trying to do is picking up a prostitute!

Just one punch, that's all I need on these two guys. Well maybe a few, just to get it all out. Who would you LOVE to punch that's famous?


05/05/2011 1:20PM
Just one shot, give me just one shot!
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