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Jessie Roberts

Posts from January 2013

The dreaded plateau.
I've been rocking this Weight Watchers thing off and on for a few years now. For the first time, however, I'm feeling really motivated and like I'm going to really stick with it. This could be the result of one of my best friends getting married in October. She asked me to be the Maid of Honor. Cool, right?

As dedicated as I've been to eating healthy and working out (I'm even running... something I used to hate!), the scale isn't budging. I'm down about 11 pounds and it refuses to move from that number. In my quest to make the numbers go down, I've found a new lunch favorite... They're called "Salad Additions" from Lean Cuisine. They come with everything you need to put on top of your salad (including the dressing)... You just add the lettuce. Delicious! The Southwest Style Chicken is my favorite! Have you tried them?! YUM!

Even if the scale is being slow, at least I have a delicious lunch to look forward to!

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