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Ugh! The White Marks!!

I had to laughed - I was just talking to friends about the painstaking steps we take to avoid getting deodorant marks on our shirts ... "...well, you have to get your WHOLE torso into the shirt by digging your arms into it up to your elbow and stretching it out so the bottom of the shirt doesn't fold into your armpits, wiping the deodorant off...." It works. Sometimes. " HAVE to wipe the deodorant off IMMEDIATELY with a damp towel. NOT tissues, otherwise it's a WHOLE MESS.." Nothing like white streaks AND wet spots on your shirt. Classy. "Well, just don't pick up your arms all day and no one will see it...." Ever try this:
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Sure it's not a Sausage Fest?

The Nude Beer Fest in Palmerton is getting a lot of exposure ... yes, pun intended.

Sunny Rest Resort is a nudist colony in Carbon County (I prefer to call it "Full Moon Resort, but I digress...)
The welcoming resort is holding the Bare Beach Beer Bash Saturday June 28th, and yes, clothing is NOT optional.¬† “Nudity is required in beer festival and pool/hot tub areas.”

By the way, it’s cheaper to pay in advance, which I highly recommend … where will you put money anyway once you get there?¬†
Hats off to ya if you go … and shirts, and pants, and socks, and….
...Just bring EXTRA Sunblock

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BEST way to handle paparazzi

...a good tip for Eric Petersen next time he goes shopping.  Take that, Paparazzi --- to a good cause!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were surrounded by the Pap's while walking through NYC. 
Soooooo, they covered their faces with this handwritten note:

"Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let's try this again. We don't need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do:,, (and don't forget:), Here's to the stuff that matters. Have a good day!"

Here's the pic: Emma&Andrew Pap Cause
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Baby Got BACH

The symphony shows off their Bach...err BACK .. thank you, Sir Mix A Lot! (Kuddos to the lady in the reserved black dress shakin her thang...)
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If Chris Young spazzes at FroggyFest 2014, I might know why...

We talked to Chris Young on The Wake Up Call w/ Eric&Selena leading up to the big Froggy Fest 2014 this Sunday.  He told us that he was not allowed to have anything red as a child -- M&M's, Kool-Aid -- you get the pic.  Mama Young was worried the red dye would make Chris hyper. 

.... Would it be a bad welcome to NEPA if I give Chris Young one of these backstage:


c'mon - he has to have outgrown the side effects, right?  Ahhh, a taste of NEPA!

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In honor of "Selfie" being added to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, here's the Wake Up Call Selfie the publication could use for their example:

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Bring Leg Warmers Back...for babies!!

Oh My, I look FABULOUS!!

Why every kids' clothing store doesn't sell leg warmers is beyond me.  I have an older son (Cole - 2 yrs old), and this is Lyla (6 months); it takes soooo much longer to put girl clothes on -- tights on a baby?!!  Boy, you better hope you don't have a diaper emergency.

My friend Michele is as sweet as these leg warmers! She got me hooked on baby leg warmers (Michele knows her fashion -- check out her adorable handmade children's designs at "Bella's Baubles and Bows" on FB!).  Not only cute, but FUNCTIONAL!  So much easier than struggling with a wiggly full-diaper baby in tights!!   Highly recommend, moms!

Michael Sembello, eat your heart out ... this is one maniac on the dance (crawl!) floor!!!

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I'm a terrible High-Fiver ... and I didn't even know

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Romance in our golden years...

My cell  --- as the kids say -- "blew up" with multiple texts from hubby. He's all excited about finding his Men's multi-vitamin at an incredible discount. He's been looking for this particular vitamin for weeks.  

 Babe! 200 vitamins for $3.50!!! It's normally 17 BUCKS!!

Can't wait to see what's in-store for our Golden Years: Buy-1-Get-1 water pills will be our foreplay.
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When did my 2 year old become so brave?  He insisted on going up the steps and down the slide by himself --- I was more scared than him!
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