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Is it rude to "un-tag" yourself from Facebook photo's?

One of the things that always bugged me about Facebook is that people can tag you in photos without your permission.

--I'll be checking Facebook at work, and then I'll suddenly get an email that my friend tagged me in like, 15 pictures.

--And in the pictures I'm tagged in, I either look horrible, or like a drunken fool. Maybe I look good in two or three of the photos I'm tagged in. So I untag myself.

--But whenever I do it, my friends get offended. They say they took a lot of time to do all the tagging, and it's rude that I untagged myself.

--Is it rude to untag yourself from Facebook pictures? Why do people take it so personally? Isn't it worse for people to tag you in pictures without even asking you first?

Join us after 6am and we will talk about it tomorrow morning!!!

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01/31/2011 9:49AM
Is it rude to "un-tag" yourself from Facebook photo's?
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02/01/2011 9:40PM
I don't think it's rude my friends tag me in Justin beiber pics and I don't like him and when people have conversations under it and you get so many alerts
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