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Is it Ever Acceptable To Call Another Dude Just To Chat?

We live in wondrous times. We can reach almost anyone in our lives at any time -- instantly. Including our buddies.

We can reach these buddies by way of e-mail, text or Facebook.

We can also pick up the phone and call them, which is almost never a problem ... but it can be.

I have a friend that calls... just to talk. I have come to the point that I'm beginning to wonder weather we should schedule a "spa day", eat a pint of chocolate ice cream and cry at a sad movie together too!!!

Is it weird for dudes to call each other?
Is it ever cool to pick up the phone to call a buddy "just to chat"? Under any circumstances? Ever?
Why or why not?
What things is it acceptable to call about? Advice? To vent?
Should phone calls like this be scheduled?

Join us tomorrow morning on Froggy101's Wake Up Call and we will talk about Dudes Chatting! See ya then!

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03/21/2011 10:27AM
Is it Ever Acceptable To Call Another Dude Just To Chat?
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03/21/2011 10:49AM
yes i think it is normal for guys to talk on the phone or online. i see guys do it all the time.
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